11 hours ago

                  Hello, thanks for stopping by.
                  I'm selling these unusuals for pure or unusual overpay, I'm open to offers on all of them.

                  Fifth Dimension Puffy Polar Cap: 105 keys <----- 1 of 5, limited effect, cannot be unboxed again!
                  Bubbling Coldsnap Cap: 25 keys
                  Circling TF Logo Samur-Eye: 30 keys
                  Wicked Wood Brain Interface: 60 keys <----- Limited effect, cannot be unboxed again!
                  Sunbeams Hunter in Darkness: 150 keys
                  Cloud 9 Backwards Ballcap: 45 keys (CO 39k)

                  Remember, the worst I can do to an offer is say no, so offer away!

                  I'd prefer you didn't add me and just sent an offer or posted your offer here, but if you have to add me, please COMMENT HERE OR ON MY PROFILE.

                  Check out these listings on my page!

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