an hour ago

                                              I have 100 keys and im looking for some mid-high tier discounted unusuals \ unusual weapons \ taunts.

                                              Those (listed) are some of my favorite hats. I prefer Scout \ Demoman \ Soldier and Pyro unusuals overall.
                                              My favorite effects are: Scorching, Green Energy, Ancient Eldrich, Eldrich flame, Ooze, Amaranthine and Misty Skull.
                                              I also like: Burning, Sunbeams, [email protected], Morning Glory, P.Energy, Stormy and Blizzardy Storms, Lavender Landfall and the rest of Halloween effects.

                                              I don't really know what else to add, so
                                              Feel free to offer. You can post here, send me a steam offer or add me to make a private offer.

                                              Take care!

                                              Yes, i [email protected] love green and purple effects, can't help it.

                                              I like trading
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