an hour ago
      • x1100

      Taking offers on this fresh unbox looks fantastic
      i could die with this
      ride till i die thats what they say
      feel free to offer! buy out is 1100 keys or a little les
      But i will consider every offer arround 900+ keys!
      Current offer: 660 keys dont offer me below that

      Other seller at bp.tf has been reported to be using their pumpkin moon hunter to attempt to scam other traders, and also accepting trades agreement then backing out lastly causing all traders to lose their profit quickselling their items to get the pure they need to buy the hunter . not trusted trader so watch out!
      he's quickselling the pmoon hunter just because he know once he get banned on backpack.tf he's fucked trying to sell his pmoon hunter with a negative rating

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      Doom Slayer

      You always have insane luck when it comes to unboxing. Anyway, GL selling this. I remember the guy selling it now said that he received around 700k pure offers and still declined it.