14 hours ago
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              Cloud 9 Hat with No Name: 58 keys
              Clean multi-class unusual with a cute heart effect

              Scorching Flames Mighty Mitre: 76 keys
              Clean medic unusual with a god-tier gen 1 effect

              Feel free to send mixed/item offers as long as they're somewhat reasonable (Heavy lowball = Block)
              I'm not interested in unusual taunts, unusual weapons, or strange unusuals unless the overpay is too good to refuse

              Have a Nice Day :)

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              Thanks for your interest, Autumn. Can you send me a more concise message with the items you want to offer? There's a lot of text here and it's kinda hard to read, and idk which unusual(s) you're interested in. Or better yet, message me through Steam and/or send me an offer and I'll respond asap. Thanks man, have a good one :)