5 hours ago

        Good ol' Lucky Level 7 P Fetti Hellmet

        It's clean dw, I'd be concerned if it wasn't since I unboxed it lol so ya gotta flex to those haters how great of a party hell can throw ;)

        B/O: 40 Keys

        Past Offers:
        18 Keys
        20 Keys 35 ref
        21 Keys
        25 Keys of Spelled Items
        22 Keys
        T Watt Hotrod + ~5.3 keys in items (~22.5 keys)
        Searing Skid Lid if I added 2 keys (~26 keys)
        GE Elf Esteem (~20 keys)
        20 Keys
        DP Merryweather (~15 keys)
        Blizz Burning Bandana (~23 keys)
        24 Keys
        25 Keys
        28 Keys

        Open to Pure, Mixed, Unusual, & SCM Offers (if you cover fees ofc) so feel free to shoot me an offer I can't refuse ;)

        Add me, send a trade offer, or offer below if you're interested :rbiggrin:


        No Free Bids please :)
        I value Painted and Parted items at base value.

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