bussin beans

5 months ago

          QUICKSELLING some. Check my backpack listings or just read them on this post. I can go lower if bought in bulk

          Any offer I will consider!

          Smoking pith helmet:
          It’s a pretty well rounded low tier for the soldier.
          - decent effect on decent class!
          B/o 14 keys 30 ref.

          Previous offers:
          -13 keys (x2)
          - 15 keys soldier unu

          Obf Hermes for sale at 26 keys.
          I am in no rush to sell this unusual
          Bo at 35 heavily negotiable
          Very good looking scout hat with good above- average effect. Overall. Not the best scout hat in the world. But for 35 keys it’s not that bad.

          Ctf big country.
          I think it’s ok.
          Gen 1 and clean!
          Not the best looking but it’s very well rounded!
          QUICKSELLING 2 keys higher than buy orders
          Bo 23 keys

          Trade offer:


          This trade is closed.