4 hours ago

        Listen up maggots! This Infernal Wraith Panisher will both fry up some ghosts for you while protecting your brains from those maggots who don't know how to fight.

        C/O: N/A
        B/O: 140 Keys

        Past Offers:
        37 keys + Square Dance Taunt
        47 Keys
        Wicked Wick Dustbowl Devil (~30 keys)

        Don't be intimidated by the price, as I'm open to any reasonable Pure, Mixed, Unusual, and even SCM Offers (if you cover fees) so feel free to hmu if you're interested by either commenting/offering below, sending a trade offer, or adding me :rbiggrin:


        No Free Bids please :)
        I value Painted and Parted items at base value.

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