16 hours ago
          • x180

                      h> 2 keys, tesla coil cotton head
                      B/O Tesla Coil Cotton head>180k C/O>n/an
                      (this trade updates often)
                      soft spot for crone domes/prehistoric pullovers, will pay more for them.
                      soldier, demo, scout > other class unusuals

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                      Awesome [⇄]

                      Strange Orbiting Fire Private Eye - 17 keys
                      Aces High Swagman's Swatter - 16 keys
                      Green Confetti Hetman's Headpiece - 12 keys
                      Brain Drain Highway Star - 14 keys

                      Prices are not final. We can negotiate!


                            Hey! Offering Morning glory Voodoo Juju (with EOTL tag) + more for the cotton head!
                            Only 1 on market and fantastic effect :) (demoman as well xD)
                            Any interest?