22 minutes ago

                  Selling some spells here! All reasonably priced based on what’s on the market! If you see someone selling the same item for better, let me know!

                  Brain Slug w/Chromatic Corruption - 10 keys
                  Heer's Helmet w/Sinister Staining - 3 keys
                  AWP w/exorcism - 5 keys
                  Texas Ten Gallon w/Chromatic Corruption + voices - 14 keys - SOLD
                  All Class Bill's Hat w/bruised purple footprints: 19 keys - SOLD
                  Medi-Mask w/Chromatic Corruption: 35 keys - SOLD
                  Strange Scattergun w/exorcism: 5 keys - SOLD
                  All Class Towering Pillar w/gangreen footprints: 13 keys - SOLD
                  All-Class Lil Dutchman w/Sinister Staining: 6 keys (looks just like the one from Spongebob) - SOLD
                  2X SPELLED Spec KS Diamond BK Flamethrower w/Halloween Fire & Exorcism: 15 keys - SOLD
                  Vintage Backburner w/Halloween Fire: 10 keys SOLD
                  Strange Eyelander w/exorcism - 6.5 keys - SOLD
                  All-Class Crones Dome w/spectral spectrum: 8 keys SOLD
                  Multi-Class Spooky Sleeves w/Chromatic Corruption: 7 keys SOLD
                  Vintage Flare Gun w/Exorcism: 4 keys SOLD
                  Cursed Pyro Soul w/Voices: 6 keys SOLD
                  Vintage KGB w/Exorcism: 3 keys SOLD
                  2X SPELLED Spec KS Festive Grenade Launcher w/Exorcism & Pumpkin Bombs: 8 keys SOLD
                  Backwards Ballcap w/Spectral Spectrum: 4 keys SOLD

                  Send a trade offer or add me to discuss if you like

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