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              Selling these hats! I want to be the best seller for all! If any items are not in my inventory, they might be on SCM, so message me!

              Double Spelled Blizzardy Storm Prince Tavish Crown
              Letting one go from my personal collection. This is the only blizzard crown with ANY Paint & Footprint Spell combo, and as a bonus Gangreen and Spectral match quite nicely.
              It's also squeaky clean, only me on history. Probably won't accept anything but pure for this.

              Purple Confetti Hat With No Name
              Good low tier 1st gen effect on a great multi-class hat. Looking for 23 keys, this price is more firm, and I am the cheapest seller!

              Craft #16 Crown of the Old Kingdom
              B/O is 10 keys, but I am open to offers and negotiable for collectors, don’t be afraid to send me an offer :)

              Disco Beat Down Gentleman's Ushanka - SOLD
              Clean, not a very long history, great medic hat with a good effect

              Stormy Storm Charmers Chapeau - SOLD
              Clean, decent effect on one of the best spy hats

              Circling Peace Sign Bonk Helm - SOLD
              1st Gen effect on an iconic Scout hat

              Circling Peace Sign Dark Falkirk Helm - SOLD
              1st Gen effect on an all-class hat!

              Disco Beat Down Archer's Sterling - SOLD
              Just 12 keys for a great effect on a sniper hat! Cheapest on market!

              Miami Nights Defiant Spartan - SOLD
              Good effect on a decent soldier hat

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