4 months ago
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                      i have some items for sale

                      Strange black box with 3 parts! : 3.33 keys now! 3 keys (negotiation open)
                      Strange GOLD Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher MK.II 28 REF BIG DISCOUNT! 25 REF
                      The Smock Surgeon: 5.55 ref Discount 5.44 Ref!
                      Strange red tape recorder: 3.55 ref
                      virtual viewfinder: 1.66 ref
                      Crosslinker coil: 1.55 ref
                      lid painted Muskelmannbraun: 2.33 ref (negotiation open)

                      Firtune son 1.4 key SOLD!
                      The fat engie hat SOLD! 7 Ref
                      The Cuban Bristle Crisis SOLD: 15 Ref Item over pay
                      Christmas tree: 4 ref SOLD

                      Open for negotiation and hat/strange items are welcomed! so if you got a couple of hats worth 25 ref for example i would trade you the Strange gold sticky for it :)
                      Can also be useful if you want to clean your inv sell me a bunch of crappy craft hats and i will give you a high quality item for your troubles :D

                      hi :D
                      This trade is closed.