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                    Tired of selling your items? Fear not because I can do that for you.

                    How does it work? You add me to your friends list, we discuss the price that your item is going to be sold at, you lend me the item and I'm coming back with the pure! You won't have to do anything while I sell your items!

                    My fee is 5% of the returning price (may fluctuate in order to round up to the highest [or lowest] integer of the agreed price).

                    Do note that this is not a place to sell your items, I only take them and sell them for you.

                    You also get a 1 week free return policy, as if you have changed your mind about all this. If 1 week passes then I will need 1% of the items value based on highest b/o. Of you do not have that money, I will sell the item at a lower than agreed price.

                    WARNING: I will not add you first for brokering your items. If impersonators are asking for your items to broker, THAT IS NOT ME. Proceed at you own risk.

                    You accept to these terms once you lend me the item(s).

                    Here's a link to my profile for contact:

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