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7 years ago

          All items for sale here were donated by our users for VIP packages.

          The Official Item Shop
          Earbuds: ($30) - Sold out! - 6 sold in total
          Mann Co. Supply Crate Key: ($1.90) ($1.85 for staff or bulk purchases) - 79 in stock! - 1261 sold in total
          Treasure Key: ($1.25) ($1.20 for staff or bulk purchases) - 0 in stock! - 53 sold in total

          Bulk purchases mean all available stock if it's > 30.

          Post a message in this trade before adding me so that I know who you are and what you want.
          It's recommend that you create a rep thread for yourself. I shall leave you positive rep when our transaction is complete. Leaving me rep is not required.

          Rules for buying:
          - I only accept Paypal transactions. Do not offer codes, or any other form of payment.
          - Verified Paypal please.
          - You will always go first. If you are uncomfortable with this, feel free to hire a middleman.
          - You will pay any and all fees.
          - Payments are processed using invoices or gifts (this will be decided by me).
          - I reserve the right to cease trading should I feel uncomfortable dealing with you.
          - If you can, include a worthless item in the trade; be it a crate or weapon. That way the trade is not one-sided.

          Please include this message in your transaction; "This is a payment for virtual (intangible) items in the Team Fortress 2 online game. Physical shipment is not required. I understand that this is a non-refundable transaction and promise to not charge back." Include a link to your steam profile at the end of this message!

          Have a question or complaint about something on File a support ticket.
          This trade is closed.