User ribbon nez

8 years ago

            Someone is willing to pay 18 keys on the panama as soon as he gets the keys, try to beat that. Offer me.

            I want pure so if you offer in something other than max/buds/bills/keys/metal be sure to factor in a bit more for the inconvenience of reselling.

            Give me an idea about how much you're offering before adding me.

            If you add me, comment on my trade or on my profile.
            This trade is closed.

            User ribbon nez

            2.5 buds would be amazing but I'm very downwardly flexible, if you want to add me to discuss that would be great.

            User ribbon nez

            Probably a fair bit more, gimmie an idea of what you'll be willing to pay and we can work something out - you may want to add me.