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7 years ago

            So well umm this is my set for the sniper.

            Looking for offers on the 3 together but will look at individual offers

            Some FACTS:

            1. Scorching Swagmann is 1 of 1 clean in the world the other one was duped coz of hijacking.
            2 Burning veil is clean with a low history (4-5 person). Quite rare to acquire one
            3. Harvest Veil is 1 of 1 in existence and obviously clean.

            Prefer Pure more than anything.
            If you want me to break my set offer accordingly.
            I despise robo effects so i dont care if you offer them.
            Effects i like are Burning ,Scorching, Sunbeams, Energies, ghosts , Moon , Disco beatdown(though wont consider overpriced shit for the new effect)

            I will enlist some previous offers here -

            Scorching Swagman -

            Offers -

            Scorching Slug
            Cloud 9 headwarmer
            Secret Front Runner
            Misty attendant + Steaming TC
            Cloudy Moon YWN
            Robo active soldered sensei
            Terror Watt Charmer's
            Burning Trophy + Smoking Veil + sweets worth a bud
            miami nights bird cage + haunted ghosts soft cap + orb. fire tyrants + smoking cheff hat
            Anti Freeze Stathelm
            Sunbeams Bicorne
            Burning Spartan
            Misty skull trophy belt (1 in existence forever ) + bounty hat (pre-wrapped)
            green black hole cold killer
            clean scorching yellow belt+sulphurous soviet gentleman + Vivid Robin

            Burning Veil -

            Beams Samur-eye & Community Luger + good Sweets ( (the trade didnt go through because he had a private backpack and didnt wanna make it public)
            31 pure collecting (a friend )
            Burning Kabuto + 7 pure (collecting)
            30 pure
            Cloudy modest
            Harvest Beak
            Burning Hazmat if i add (not into duped stuff)
            Suphurous sensei + roboactive shooter's tin topi + 3 pure for veil
            Harvest Moon Defiant Spartan + Burning Softcap and sweets
            Time warp voodoojuju + roboactive tin topi
            Cloudy moon wrap
            Vintage Alien + duped moon modest
            phosphorous waxy wayfinder + secret to everybody attendant
            vivid noh + charmer + beam tossle + #3 tuxxy on veil
            v. max + 1 of 1 sulphurous yellow belt + blizz med ushanka + Blizz tossle
            Overclocked ke + houwar
            Beams CC + Houwar (if i add some)
            Sulphurus War pig + Burning Fancy Fed+ 2 buds worth sweets
            Green Black Hole Bonk Boy
            Scorching Charmers + Anti Freeze Phantom + GE Phantom
            Beams cannon + 5 pure
            Secret phantom + 15 pure
            Secret Flamenco
            Eerie TC
            Secret Bomber maasive duped one()
            2 houwars
            Disco Beat Down Reggae + Disco beat Down Bubblepipe + 10 buds (collecting not sure)/ killawat o ushanka + keys

            Harvest Moon veil (Previous offers) -

            Clean Burning Flames Veil + 5 Buds + Painted Bill's
            Duped Burning Flames Kabuto + Beams Charmer's by Neutron

            I will simply hide lowballs and wont respond to them


            Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .