User ribbon -GoV- Groovypanda

7 years ago

      1 of 1 on market and 1 of 2 in the world (the other one is not for sale as per trustworthy sources)

      Very rare and very cool effect

      Short History and 100% clean

      If its being gifted bothers you then please dont bother commenting coz you would be wasting our time.

      No b.o as of now but nothing under 8 at all

      Offers (coz morons thats why)

      Scorching softcap + terror Tyrants
      1 of 1 burning flames bot dogger + sweets
      Cloudy moon belt + 1 pure
      harvest moon scotch bonnet
      electrostatic hat of cards + bubbles handle
      Phosphorus executioner (if i add 5)
      Disco Beat Down Conquistador
      sulp bubble pipe + 1 pure
      ghosts veil if i add some
      disco ten gallon
      steaming bonk + G Fetti beak + Stormy FR + Clean MAx + sweets
      time warp tungsten toque and power surge warpig
      cauldron snaggle + orange max + lvl 69 bud + smoking big elfin deal

      Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .
      This trade is closed.