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7 years ago

          So well here be notes. Keeping it short 1 of 1 on market and 1 of 2 for sale (other one was sharked real bad)

          Bought straight from unboxer

          I paid a real good amount for this so i wont be selling this for lowballs or less so dont bother that

          b/o is 50 buds

          Screens :

          Offers -

          ~37 ish worth Private offer from a friend
 (all 3)
          AF Kabuto
          Electro Exe
          Electro Shaman
          Terror Watt TC if i add my BMOC
          Roboactive samur eye (25) + Time warp wraith wrap (12) + terror watt pencil pusher (3)
          Miami nights muffs + Harvest moon jeecap + cloud 9 shako + miami nights ze goggles + max + sweets
          miami nights executioner
          exe(electrostatic ) + 2buds
          Robo Anger, Moon Noble, Miami Wraith Wrap/scorching chef hat

          Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .
          This trade is closed.