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7 years ago

          A hearts beak

          I am the 3rd owner . Gifted but non duped and 100% clean !!

          Price is 8.5 buds in pure or 10+ in unusuals

          If you are bothered about gift tag this is not the trade for you.

          Offers -

          10 pure (kanade_)
          Gifted but clean burning Milkman + 2 pure
          Scorching Gatsby and Burning Gatsby
          bubbles g. ushanka + 7 buds + 7 keys
          Cloudy Moon Jeepcap + Green Black Hole Deadcone + Vivid Tam O Shanter
          terror bicorne
          Kill a watt Stathelm + 1 bud + SF Sniper

          Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .
          This trade is closed.