7 months ago

                                        These are the games I have currently. Will have more later. My prices in Keys are pretty firm, and if it's an item, most likely I won't want it for the game. (I want keys or buds mainly)

                                        If there is something not here, and you want it, I could probably strike a deal with you based on the current (time of asking) price in the steam store. I can't pull 75% discounts out of thin air.

                                        Currently Available:
                                        Cubemen 2: 2 Keys
                                        iBomber Attack: 2 Keys
                                        Monaco: 3 Keys
                                        The Showdown Effect: 2 Keys
                                        Trine 2: 3 Keys
                                        Payday: 3 Keys

                                        Out of Stock:

                                        Defcon: 2 Keys

                                        This trade is closed for the following reason: This trade seems old, it has not been bumped in 6 months