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7 years ago

                  Small Note : This Trade is open till i sell my Scorching TC. Once i sell that these hats would be off the market.

                  GG NO RE !!

                  A Small Note :

                  July 2012 was the month i got into TF2 and slowly into trading !! Then got into collecting level 42 stuffs, thanks to TOXINS whose level 42 collection impressed me so much !! Had a moderate backpack with all my priced possession of level 42 stuff (paid 10 keys for a freaking clean dropped fast learner then haha) !! Then came halloween where i unboxed back to back unusuals which definitely changed the course of my trading(Secret moon beak & Flaming lantern stovepipe) !!! My 1st unusual collection was planets unusuals and now finally this scorching collection !! I have completed all the goals i made for myself in TF2 including reaching top 100 backpacks, owning a #1 item,collecting over 500 level 42 items (would have kept on collection if valve wouldn't have been releasing 60 items every update lol ) and this scorching collection as well as owning some great veils as well !! All being said i am proud because i dint ever invest a single penny on the game (except for buying the game haha) !!!

                  So here is my little scorching collection that consist of :

                  Unusual Anger (Scorching Flames) (Black)
                  Unusual Bubble Pipe (Scorching Flames)
                  Unusual Dragonborn Helmet (Scorching Flames)
                  Unusual Fancy Fedora (Scorching Flames)
                  Unusual Front Runner (Scorching Flames)
                  Unusual Gentleman's Ushanka (Scorching Flames) (Lime)
                  Unusual Samur-Eye (Scorching Flames)
                  Unusual Texas Ten Gallon (Scorching Flames) (Black)

                  & Last but not the least

                  Unusual Team Captain (Scorching Flames)

                  Now you must be wondering why i am keeping these hats here so honestly i don't know. If you wanna appreciate you can if you wanna offer you can. These babies wont be going anywhere anytime soon unless i am downgrading to another scorching + X amount of pure !!
                  All the hats on this trade are clean and non duped with real short and clean histories as well !!

                  Orgasmic Screenshot (Thanks to Doudaa)


                  Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .
                  This trade is closed.