a year ago

                                                                                                            Since there are too many phishers, I'll only accept trade offers and not friends requests any longer. Thank you for reading this before adding me.


                                                                                                            Ye can offer in crowns, CE, TF2 metal for these Spiral knights items or even with Steam trading cards:

                                                                                                            - The Twisted Snarble barb has a CTR Med UV

                                                                                                            - The Vitasuit deluxe has Prismatic cat tail, Sprinkle Aura, Divine Wings & Chroma Whelp Monster Pocket attached to it

                                                                                                            This trade is closed for the following reason: This trade seems old, it has not been bumped in 6 months


                                                                                                            Since you dont allow friend requests, i have to msg here since i dont have a firm price on any of your items. How much ce/cr are you paying for scrap?


                                                                                                            Unless ye have an offer in mind, it's between 80-120K crowns (according to various price checks & market) but I'm always opened to offers, so sh[ΓΈΓΈ]t me any offer & sorry for late reply was quite busy this week.


                                                                                                            I have some in my inventory, and I am going to try to finish my database of over 100 Steam keys tonight. I alrea have them all written out on Google ocs, but now I need to edit out the keys for a version that I can let people publicly see on the internet.

                                                                                                            The thing about the Steam sale ending today is that games are going back to normal prices, though most of the games in my inventory and in my actual collection were bought back before the sale. So if you wanted to, when the sale is over, the games will be worth more TF keys tomorrow.

                                                                                                            I'll get back to you on the game keys I have, I've been collecting them for a while now. Thanks for your reply!


                                                                                                            Any Aura for a Knight Name Change Pass? if not, then what else can you offer? OR if not again, then sorry to have bothered you :O