2 weeks ago

                                  Buying Glitched Circuit Boards. Looking for offers (don't want anything else).

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                                  Hate to be part of the spam problem, but wow people aren't even looking at the damn trade with the offers of random shit. Do people not even have eyes or something .-.
                                  Anyhow good luck with this.

                                  SLOB ON MY KNOB

                                  O.o , those glitched boards do nothing in game , they are not usefull or any kind of thing , why would you be wasting buds on them ? unless it's just for show !! :D


                                  I don't plan to get all of them, just building up a small collection. It would practically be impossible for me, not because I couldn't afford it but because there are other collectors who like to have all TF2 items and would never let them go.


                                  Damn man you have a massive in infestation of miss guided idiots that think this is a trade for all kind of stuff when you only want one thing. And don't get me started on the bad scammers below.


                                  Btw if you need some, just glitch your computer, turn it off instantly, and then pull out the circuit boards and voilá you have them for free.


                                  Pardon me for asking. But what is your motive for these circuit boards? Why waste buds on an item that is practically useless?

                                  OCEAN CONDIMENT

                                  They were from when the 2 cities update first came out and you could have the chance of crafting the hat the robots wear (which shouldn't happen). When they fixed it, all the glitched hats were converted to these.