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      Another special promotional auction for a Platinum VIP package and a custom name color of your choosing. A perfect opportunity for those who want a colored name without needing to donate $100 or more. The refined metal is only there to bypass the 2 reclaimed value restriction.

      Items won in this auction will be added to Crystal Bazaar's prize pot.

      Please don't bid with odd-leveled vintage items unless they're level 100 or 0. Let's see some Dota and/or CS bids!

      Have a question or complaint about something on File a support ticket.
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      Serious Sam 3 BFE, Serious Sam 2, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter,Krater, Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack + 24 Ref + the items bellow
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                      Should I add you or just send you a trade offer. And can you please just tell me at how much you evaluated my bid? Curious

                      User ribbon brake

                      I'm Sorry Im new to this VIP promotion so can i have a quick info? Will I Become Platinum VIP if i win Or ill stay In my Silver VIP status.Also i sow some people bid game copies.Are they really counted and how do you evaluate them - at some set price or at its market price ?Im sorry for spamming here but didnt found info on the forums.

                      Pollo Jack{sNaFu}

                      9 Keys + ~1.5 Keys, I will only give them to you if you accept my odd leveled vintages too. I continue to get sharked by these shitty items and am finally understanding why people say no odd level shit, aside from autists no one buys it.

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                                          >the refined metal is only there to bypass the 2 reclaimed value restriction

                                          WOW I didn't know that you break your own rules
                                          reported, enjoy your'e ban faget ;)