3 months ago

                                                      SMNC -> TF2

                                                      Mr. Destructoid promo set (3 items) = 4 Refined / 3 craftable hats.____________________Luchadeer promo set (3 items + Taunt) = 1 Mann. Co Supply Key

                                                      Any Chickey Head = 2 Reclaimed metal.
                                                      Assassin Patriot Head = 1.33 Refined / 1 craftable hat.
                                                      Battle Rattle (Wascot's 2ndary weapon) = 1.33 Refined / 1 craftable hat.
                                                      Twilight Rail Gun (Tank's 2ndary weapon) = 2 Reclaimed metal.
                                                      Classic Heartbreaker costume part (Gunner's Torso/Wascot's legs) = 1 Mann. Co Supply Key
                                                      Test Dummy Legs (Gunner) / Zombie Legs (Tank) = 2 Reclaimed metal.

                                                      Send offers here:

                                                      This trade is closed.


                                                      How about one of the new TF2 taunts? (the "Offers" thing is there for a purpose [I don't know what to ask, so let me know your thoughts and I would decide then], so don't take this as an offensive "offer me this!" -- you asked & I answered).
                                                      Ashes to ashes, taunt to taunt ;)