Ace Martinov

6 years ago

                        The long fall loafers = Sold :)
                        Iron Curtain = Sold :)
                        The Necronomicrown = 0.33
                        The Samson Skewer = 0.33
                        The Bloodhound = 0.66
                        Dapper's Disguise = Sold :)
                        Alien Parasite = 0.33
                        You provide giftwrap. I have a bunch of +rep comments on my profile, so don't worry i won't scam you :)
                        I'm trying to empty up my backpack of derpy untradables, so there you go guys! Feel free to offer in items. We can discuss the prices.
                        Since people are blind Y.O.U. must provide Gift Wrap
                        NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO CAN'T READ: 2