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7 years ago

                Well here are some of the hats which i dont wear often so taking offers on them. All are 100% clean with real short histories !!

                Prefer Pure over unusuals as i almost got all i want still if you gotta offer unusuals Make them 1st GEN ONLY ! Also be looking for an All Class Scorching for the keeps (Mostly keen in modest)

                Prefer Scorching > All

                Scorching DragonBorn - 12 Buds
                Burning One Man Army - 12 buds
                Scorching Gatsby - 5 buds
                Scorching Fedora - 12 buds
                Scorching Hat of Cards (1 of 1) - 15 buds

                PS : i will only sell one of the spy hats from Fedora & HoC !!

                Offer here or send me a Trade Offer. I don't usually accept adds .
                This trade is closed.