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3 years ago

                    Backpack Liquidation Buyer

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                    * I DO NOT buy at full pricing, don't even try.
                    * You tell me how much you expect, I am not going to beat around the bush with you until you get the price you want.
                    * I am looking for a min. 100$ backpacks and a max of 1200$
                    * Have some kind of knowledge on applied tools and how can botch them.
                    * Unusuals will have lower pricing to them, takes way to long for me to sell at higher value
                    * Payout is sent as Cash/Gift, I can pay fees if really necessary.
                    * Do not post about your B/O from another thread, I am not looking to bid
                    * Your account history will be THOROUGHLY checked, move along hijackers.

                    Add me for discussion or post below

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