6 years ago
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            data mining light [✔]
            unusual [✔]
            1/1 in existance [✔✔✔]
            green confetti effect[✔]
            clean and short history[✔]
            not gifted[✔]
            not duped[✔]

            this hat currently has no price set

            offer ANYTHING (doesn't mean i wont hide you offer if it is below what i want)

            past offers:
            kill-a-watt plumbers pipe (sold it before i could get back to him)
            1 bud+7 keys (rejected)
            kill-a-watt hotties hoodie (still waiting to hear back from him)
            green confetti electric escorter (a little low for me)
            professional killstreak collectors axtinguisher + professional killstreak collectors sydney sleeper (i dont like collectors and professional stuff)
            a "sexy demo set" with some special crafts and a famous person craft (no idea what i could sell it for)
            green energy hard counter (duped)
            steaming nappers respite (a little low)

            I pester the staff and try to not get banned :conwayshrug:
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