Ace Martinov

6 years ago
                                                                      • x90150
                                                                        • x1000

                                                                        Some stuff zat i found/traded for ;3
                                                                        1 wep = 1 skrop
                                                                        Fôr every 2 weps u buy u get ein for free.
                                                                        Vintage Sondviches are 0.33 each
                                                                        Strangifier iz fôr Prof. SpekZ and i'll take everything above 3.66 (depends) just offer in items. I accept everyzing.
                                                                        No lowball pls. I won't quicksell the stuff since i have time. I don't accept overpay more than 0.33 :)
                                                                        I will always +rep (if i won't forget) :)

                                                                        This trade is closed.