Ace Martinov

6 years ago
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                                                                                        Welcome to my trade everyone! :)
                                                                                        Looking for prices but willing to discuss. I accept Everything Except Crates
                                                                                        I ACCEPT HATS, GENUINES, STRANGES, VINTAGES, UNUSUALS, COLLECTORS,
                                                                                        I OVERPAY FOR LEVELED/PAINTED ITEMS! :)
                                                                                        Vintage Sandvich: 0.33
                                                                                        Tour Of ze Duty: 3 refoined
                                                                                        Bakestaybe knoife: 2.66 (strange part)
                                                                                        Strangofoer: 4 refined metalus
                                                                                        Veilus: 1 key
                                                                                        All of ze wepins shall be each wepin for a scrap metol.

                                                                                        This trade is closed.