8 years ago

                                              *ATTENTION**Please make use of the trade offer {⇄} option Its Easier and Faster for the both of us.↑↑↑⇄↑↑↑

                                              I am Here to Supply QUICK-METAl. BookMark Me Incase You Happen To Need Quick-Metal

                                              Here are my Non-Negotiable, Firm Metal Prices.

                                              I Buy The Following items for Only the following prices

                                              Keys = 7.33 Refined Each.

                                              Craft Hats/Miscs/ 2012 Clean HALLOWEENs EXCLUDING SOULS/GENUINES/ROBOS AND ELLIS CAPS] = 1.11 Refined Each

                                              Genuine Hats/Miscellaneous = 1 Refined Each

                                              Name Tags = 3 refined each

                                              Vintage WEAPONS = 1 scrap Each

                                              Steam Trading Cards =1 scrap Each

                                              Dirty Hats/Misc [EXCLUDING HALLOWEENS,GIBUS AND ECT]= 1 Reclaimed Each

                                              Tour Of Duty Tickets = 3.22 Refined Each

                                              Strange Parts = 2 Scrap Each

                                              Decal Tools /Unwanted festive Weapons/Dirty Hats 0.33 Refine Each

                                              Desciption Tags = 2 Refined Each

                                              Duel Mini Games = 2 Scrap Ea (HAS TO BE FULL)