Noir Ludere

8 years ago
            • #6137


                  I am selling quite a wonderful assortment of goodies!

                  First! A Specialized KS rocket launcher, hot rod sheen, renamed. Parts are Demos killed, cloaked spies killed, and damage dealt. this fine beauty im looking for OFFERS - c/o =

                  Next, A strange soda popper, good for goombas on freak fortress! 5 Ref

                  A private eye strangifier - offers

                  Strange Jarate! Throw the piss on people you hate~ also good for putting out fires 4.5 refined (Players extinguished S part.)

                  A pocket pistol strangifier - 2 ref

                  Genuine Glove - 2 ref

                  and lastly, a craft #6137 Gentlemanne's service medal! 8 keys or offers

                  This trade is closed.