Hard Drive machine broke

a year ago

                      I decided to get a bunch of pony related emoticons and backgrounds because I am a faggot.
                      The following items are not listed as Bazaar.tf doesn't have them as available listings:
                      :ftm1_horse: (Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief emote)
                      :horse_lif: (Life is Feudal: Your Own emote)

                      That is all.

                      Emotes: :spacepony::SBHorse::Horse::horsearmor::whiterun::GoldHorseShoe::pony::ponyisland::ordhorse:
                      Backgrounds: Horse Armor (DLC Quest), Happy Ponies (Pony Island), Horse (Hotline Miami)

                      ESCROW free. :lev:

                      Be ready to tell me why you added me when I add you.
                      I'd prefer if you sent me an offer.

                      I do not add low level players or foreigners.