6 years ago

        Looking for Pure or Unusual Offers

        My favourite classes are Sniper, Medic & Scout and I prefer 1st gen effects!
        I love Energy Effects and Weather Effects in particular!
        I also love B.M.O.Cs...

        I don't mind these 3rd gen effects:
        Cloud 9
        Disco Beat Down
        But serious overpay will be necessary as they are hard to resell.

        I can add around 6 keys to upgrade

        Smoking Ye Olde Baker Boy

        - Scout Hat
        - Works great with shirts like the Fast Learner & the Cool Cat Cardigan

        Offers around 1.5 Buds + in Unusuals

        B/O- Around 1.1 Buds / 21 Keys

        Notable Offers-
        > None

        Leave offers below or send me a trade request:

        I don't often accept random adds so let me know first

        Thank you for viewing my trade

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